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General Dentistry

General Dentistry

General Dentistry Services


Dr. Mohamed Saccoh offers a wide range of orthodontic treatment options. Patients of all ages can benefit from traditional braces, and we can use clear brackets to make them more discreet. Teens and adults often prefer accelerated orthodontics with FASTBRACES®, a treatment option that usually takes just over 20 weeks to complete. Patients who have a year to 18 months for orthodontic treatment may select Invisalign®. This option features clear removable trays that are virtually indistinguishable from your natural smile.

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Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth is chipped, cracked, or severely decayed, the internal chamber known as the root canal can become exposed to harmful bacteria. This chamber contains the nerves and blood vessels of a tooth, and when infection is allowed to penetrate this deeply, a root canal procedure can often save the tooth from extraction. Dr. Saccoh uses micro-tools and advanced technology so most root canal procedures can be completed in a single visit to our office.

Periodontal Care

Gum disease is the primary reason for adult tooth loss in this country, and it affects nearly half of the population. If you have noticed foul breath, bleeding after brushing, or sore, red, and tender gums, you may have gingivitis or periodontitis, which are different stages of gum disease. Our soft tissue management program will clean out the bacterial infection, treat any damaged tissue, and help prevent the recurrence of symptoms.

TMJ Treatment

The temporomandibular joints (TMJs) connect the lower and upper jaws, and are responsible for movement. When the bones that make up these joints are not properly aligned, a patient can experience a long list of symptoms, including head, neck, and jaw pain. Dr. Saccoh can evaluate your jaw to determine whether your symptoms are caused by TMJ disorder. He can provide a custom oral appliance that will reposition the lower jaw to alleviate symptoms.

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Sleep Apnea

If you snore loudly, wake up gasping for air, or have chronic morning headaches and daytime fatigue, you may suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). This condition occurs when the soft tissues near the throat relax and block airflow while a patient sleeps, causing episodes of breathing cessation. Dr. Saccoh can provide you with an oral appliance that will reposition the lower jaw slightly forward, preventing sagging tissue from blocking your airway.

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Preventive Care

While we love seeing you in the office, Dr. Saccoh and our team want to help you avoid the need for restorative dental care. Practicing good preventive dental care at home will deter cavity formation, gum disease, and tooth loss. Combining proper oral hygiene habits with professional cleanings and checkups every six months is the best way to ensure your oral health. A checkup allows Dr. Saccoh to evaluate every tooth in your mouth, while a dental cleaning involves removing stubborn tartar from between teeth and below the gum line.


Occasionally, to reduce crowding before orthodontic treatment, remove a severely damaged tooth, or prepare a patient for dentures, extractions may be necessary. We employ the most advanced technology and oral conscious sedation to ensure your comfort. We will always attempt more conservative therapies first, but when an extraction will improve your oral health, Dr. Saccoh can perform the procedure with efficiency and accuracy.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Third molars, or wisdom teeth, typically erupt during the late teens or early twenties, and can contribute to oral health problems. Adult wisdom teeth cause overcrowding, cavity development, or become impacted and infected beneath the gum line, which can be very painful. As a preventive measure, Dr. Saccoh can perform wisdom tooth extraction to prevent any adverse oral health conditions, while using gentle techniques to minimize any potential pain, discomfort, and recovery time.

Family Dentistry

Our practice provides care for patients of any age, and we commonly see patients as young as three years old to instruct them on proper hygiene techniques. Dr. Saccoh offers a range of preventive treatments to protect our patients' oral health, as well as cosmetic procedures to create beautiful smiles. Our practice also offers all aspects of restorative dentistry to help replace missing or damaged teeth and restore optimal oral health.

Bone Grafting

Before being considered for dental implants, a patient must have sufficient bone structure to support the titanium posts. However, after a patient experiences tooth loss, the underlying bone tissue can begin to atrophy. Dr. Saccoh may recommend a bone grafting procedure to build up enough dense, healthy tissue to support the implants and the attached restorations, and help you become a more suitable candidate for the procedure.

Sedation Dentistry

As many as 20 percent of Americans avoid seeing the dentist regularly because of fear or anxiety. Dr. Saccoh offers sedation dentistry to ensure that our patients are able to receive the care that they need. With oral conscious sedation, you will remain alert enough to answer questions and respond to prompts, but you will not experience any fear or anxiety.

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